Thursday, April 7, 2016

Forecast for change

Water reclamation planning saves resources, money

A changing climate and recent droughts in the South and West highlight the need to make the most of our limited water resources. One of the solutions is water reclamation – but utilities and water managers have sometimes struggled to deal with public perceptions. Now an interdisciplinary team of National Science Foundation-funded researchers has developed techniques to help utilities make informed planning decisions.


How Colorado is turning food waste into electricity

National Public Radio

Americans throw away about a third of our available food. But what some see as trash, others are seeing as a business opportunity. A new facility known as the Heartland Biogas Project is taking wasted food from Colorado's most populous areas and turning it into electricity using a technology known as anaerobic digestion.


Ariz. seeks legal promise Calif. won't take water

Arizona Daily Star

Arizona and California are arguing over Colorado River water again — this time over whether it should be inscribed in law that California can’t take Arizona’s share of river water that’s left in Lake Mead to prop up lake levels.

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