Friday, March 10, 2017

Dawn of a new era

How water swaps help West manage precious resource



Christian Science Monitor

When a market for trading water rights opened in Nebraska last year, one of the bidders wasn’t even a traditional water user. It was the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program, a conservation group. By buying some water and then not using it, the group is allowing more to stay in the river. The move bucked tradition. Typically, water rights aren’t traded at all or they are swapped among farmers. But the West may be at the dawn of a new era in water management.


Nevada bill would allow for collection of rainwater

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Collection of rainwater for domestic use or for thirsty wildlife would be authorized in Nevada water law under a bill heard by a Senate committee. Senate Bill 74 also seeks to allow additional time for water right holders to show they are putting the precious resource to beneficial use when basins are designated as being in a drought. Nevada water law has a “use it or lose it” doctrine, where water rights not put to beneficial use can be passed on to someone else.


Experts: Trump's water rule repeal won't be easy

Circle of Blue

When he ordered federal agencies to review an Obama administration rule that defined which water bodies are regulated by the Clean Water Act, President Trump inserted himself into a decades-long debate. If the president hopes for a quick resolution through an executive order, he is mistaken, according to law experts.