Thursday, March 10, 2016

Climate influence

Colorado River flows reduced by warmer spring temps

Warmer-than-average spring temperatures reduce upper Colorado River flows more than previously recognized, according to a new report from a University of Arizona-led team. Although climate models have suggested that spring temperatures affect stream flow, this study is the first to examine the instrumental historical record to see if a temperature effect could be detected, said lead author Connie Woodhouse.


Iowa water plan would create $691M impact

Des Moines Register

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad's $4.7 billion proposal to improve the state's water quality over three decades would generate $691 million in economic activity and create 2,800 jobs annually, according to an Iowa State University report released Tuesday.


Atmospheric river storms can reduce snow

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

A new study has found that in the Sierra Nevada, atmospheric river storms are 2½ times more likely than other types of winter storms to result in destructive "rain-on-snow" events, where rain falls on existing snowpack, causing it to melt. Those events increase flood risks in winter and reduce water availability the following summer.

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