Thursday, March 1, 2018

Water study

Lawmakers consider changing Utah Constitution

Utah's state Capitol building

Salt Lake Tribune & Deseret News

Water experts in Utah have been assigned to study amending the state Constitution to address a common practice that some fear could one day deprive thousands of Utah households of reliable drinking water. The proposal, HJR15, would tweak the Constitution to free Utah’s cities and towns of rules that currently prohibit them from leasing their water rights to others.


Oklahoma issues new protocol to curb quakes


Oklahoma’s oil and gas regulator Tuesday released new requirements aimed at reducing the risk of earthquakes from hydraulic fracturing in shale regions in central and southern areas of the state. The new rules from the Oklahoma Corp. Commission come as the state has seen a sharp rise in earthquakes due to the injection of saltwater produced from oil and gas drilling into disposal wells.


Big Idea 5: Redefine affordability for 21st century

U.S. Water Alliance

Water service is generally affordable for most Americans, but lower-income people can face acute burdens. Yet affordability is not just a challenge in the nation’s large cities and isolated rural corners. Vulnerable populations are in every American community.