Friday, Feb. 24, 2017

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Study: Rising temperatures lower Colorado River flows



Colorado State University

Warming in the 21st century reduced Colorado River flows by at least 500,000 acre-feet — about the amount of water used by 2 million people in one year — according to new research from Colorado State University and the University of Arizona. The research is the first to quantify the different effects of temperature and precipitation on recent river flow, said authors Bradley Udall of CSU and Jonathan Overpeck of UA.


Bill would dismantle Des Moines Water Works

Des Moines Register

A bill introduced in the Iowa Legislature would dismantle Des Moines Water Works and replace it with a regional water authority under the control of local municipalities. House File 316 would scrap the five-member board of directors appointed by the Des Moines mayor and replace it with a regional board appointed by Des Moines and its suburban neighbors.


Montana considers stricter pipeline regulations

Billings Gazette

Montana lawmakers are considering a measure that would ban putting large pipelines under rivers or lakes. House Bill 486, introduced by Rep. George Kipp III, a Heart Butte Democrat, would ban pipelines 10 inches or larger in diameter from going under navigable bodies of water.