Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018

High and dry

Ready or not, drought conditions spread across West

Minimal snow was found at the Phillips Station meadow on January 3 before the start of the first snow survey of 2018, conducted by the California Department of Water Resources.Kelly (M. Grow/ California Department of Water Resources)


Water Deeply, Associated Press & Business Daily

Concerning forecasts for runoff into the Rio Grande and the Colorado River are just the start of the bad news for the West as Southwestern states face warm weather, below average precipitation and paltry snowpack. As higher temperatures and drier conditions continue, forecasters and water managers are keeping a wary eye on both Lake Powell and Lake Mead.


Arizona lifts ban on drinking recycled water

Arizona Public Radio & KJZZ Tempe

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has lifted a statewide ban on recycling wastewater for drinking. In the past, Arizona cities have only been allowed to treat wastewater for non-potable uses such as irrigation or for recharging aquifers. But under the new rule treatment plants now can directly deliver recycled water to customers. And Flagstaff city officials are looking into it.


No-till farming ignites a movement in the Plains

Civil Eats

At first, no-till farming started out as a way for conventional farmers to keep costs down. Now, no-till farming has become a subculture and a way of life for farmers all over rural America. In Part I of a year-long series, the Rural Environment and Agriculture Project takes an in-depth look at the growing movement.