Thursday, Feb. 5, 2015

Low blow

Great Salt Lake may break record set 50 years ago


Salt Lake Tribune

There's a new normal at the Great Salt Lake. Hundreds of square miles of lakebed are exposed. Boat marinas are nearly landlocked. Islands have become peninsulas connected to the mainland. Persistent drought and profligate use of water threatens to drive the lake to a new low — shattering a record set in 1963.


Report charts Colorado's climate vulnerability

Boulder Daily Camera

Colorado could see more incidents of infectious diseases, while the elderly and people living in poverty are especially vulnerable to the potential impacts of future climate change, according to a comprehensive new report commissioned by the Colorado Energy Office.


61% chance of Colorado River shortage by 2017

Navajo-Hopi Observer

There is a 61 percent chance of the U.S. Interior Department declaring a shortage on the lower Colorado River by 2017, a Central Arizona Project official told state lawmakers last week.

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