Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018

Major update

Arizona water management overhaul includes proposals to waive some restrictions on overuse

Arizonans actually use less water today than they did in 1957. File photo.

Arizona Business Daily

Associated Press & Arizona Business Daily

Long-awaited legislation overhauling Arizona's water management policies includes proposals to waive some restrictions on overuse contained in the 1980 Groundwater Management Act. The proposals introduced by Republican Sen. Gail Griffin of Hereford would allow overpumping in some areas to continue 10 years longer than current law allows. The proposal also reintroduces workarounds to water use restrictions for Cochise and Yuma counties.


In the West, low snowfall can spell trouble


Record-low snowfall in some parts of the Rocky Mountains this winter isn't just bad for the ski industry. It's also a real problem for water managers throughout the western United States. That's because snow is like a bank account for the arid West. Every year, water managers capture melting snow and store it in reservoirs. But when snow starts running off early or evaporates in warm weather or there's not enough of it, it's a huge problem.


Big Sky group releases Gallatin watershed plan

Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Treat wastewater to the highest level possible and turn it into snow. Maybe find new places to use it for irrigation. Also, beef up the monitoring and data collection on the Gallatin River. All those are recommendations in the Big Sky Area Sustainable Watershed Stewardship Plan, which was released this week. It charts a sort of path for the next decade of water management in the Big Sky area.