Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015

Beer brawl

Water quality proposal has brewers ready for a fight

Visitors taste beer at the New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, Colo., last month. KATHRYN SCOTT OSLER / Denver Post


Denver Post

It's a story almost as old as alcohol itself. A fight starts about one thing and, once beer gets involved, things escalate quickly. In this case, the underlying issue is a proposal to expand the authority of the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers under the landmark Clean Water Act of 1972. Brewers and farmers are paying close attention.


Ag uses for highly saline water researched

Albuquerque Journal

As drought continues to plague New Mexico, alternative water sources are getting tested and used for agriculture. In the quest to conserve potable water and maintain agricultural practices, a professor is researching the use of highly saline water.


Is aqueduct the answer to Kan. water crisis?

Hays Post

A lot has changed in the three decades since the idea of building an aqueduct from the Missouri River to western Kansas was first studied and shelved. For one thing, the water shortages that were mere projections then are now imminent. That reality has prompted state officials to dust off the study and re-examine the aqueduct idea.

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