Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2016

Budget boost

Oregon governor wants to expand groundwater studies

State or Oregon

The Oregonian

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown's recommended budget includes money for a new team of researchers to study underground water sources. If approved, the additional $1.8 million requested for the study means the state would effectively double its capacity to perform groundwater research, adding a second team of people to review the resource every five years. The state has overseen an explosion of wells in recent decades with little research on how much water is available.


Permafrost loss changes Yukon River chemistry

Scientific American

Melting permafrost is causing significant changes to the freshwater chemistry and hydrology of Alaska’s Yukon River and could be triggering global climate impacts, according to a USGS report. The study sheds light on how climate change is already affecting the Arctic. According to the report, the river has accumulated increasing levels of calcium, magnesium and sulfates.


Columbia, Snake River dams face public hearings

Seattle Times

Public hearings are under way throughout the Northwest to inform an environmental review of operations of the Columbia River and Lower Snake River dams. The federal Columbia River hydropower system is under a federal court-ordered scrutiny of the dams’ environmental effects. The hearings are intended to guide an environmental-impact statement ordered by a judge.

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