Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016

Ruling aftermath

Washington may appeal EPA water quality mandate

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The Lens

It would cost about $7.4 billion for every city in the Puget Sound region to upgrade their wastewater treatment plants to the best available technology, according to a projection by the Association of Washington Cities. However, those facilities would still fail to meet new water quality standards for Washington recently adopted by the U.S. EPA. The Washington Department of Ecology is mulling a federal court appeal, as are industry and local governments.


Scientists aim to map region's aquatic species

Christian Science Monitor

The U.S. Forest Service announced what is perhaps its loftiest conservation goal ever: to map every aquatic animal in the Western states. By next summer, the department hopes to release the first Aquatic Environmental DNA Atlas. Such a map could inform future land management decisions and help allocate limited conservation funding, researchers say.


Study: Reactors can stop phosphorus formation

Water & Wastewater Treatment

In a recent study, engineers at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus developed guidelines that can tailor the design of specialized filters, called fluidized bed reactors, to local conditions and help prevent phosphorus deposits from forming in wastewater systems. The guidelines also help ensure the fluidized bed reactors avoid the release of phosphorus into the environment.

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