Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016

Partial approval

EPA weighs in on Washington's water-quality rules


Associated Press

The Environmental Protection Agency finalized water-quality rules for Washington tied partly to how much fish people eat, approving some aspects of the state’s plan but deciding in many cases to set stricter limits. The action comes years after contentious debate over the issue of how clean the state’s rivers and bays need to be so people can safely eat fish from those waters.


Sociologists to study Idaho water settlement

Capital Press

A team of sociologists is embarking on a study of the precedent-setting 2015 water call settlement between Idaho’s Surface Water Coalition and junior groundwater users. The researchers hope their findings will provide insight to help other regions resolve differences without litigation — a rare feat in water management.


Invasive mussel larvae discovery prompts concern


At the annual gathering of the Pacific Northwest Economic Region in Boise, a troubling new development in Montana took center stage: the first discovery of the tiny larva of invasive mussels in the Northwest region. Until the Montana test results, the Northwest remained free of the fast-spreading, pipe-clogging mussels.

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