Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017

Increased oversight

Oregon governor orders day cares to test water for lead

The Oregonian

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has quietly ordered regulators to make child care facilities test for lead in drinking water, reversing an earlier decision by her own appointed policy board on early childhood education. The move represents the first noticeable step toward increased oversight by Oregon's top elected official in response to lapses in child safety regulations.


Washington proposes Hirst decision assessment

Capital Press

The Washington Department of Ecology proposes to assess water supplies in targeted watersheds, a first step in judging whether a state Supreme Court decision has truly closed rural areas to new household wells. The proposal applies to 15 basins most obviously affected by last year’s Hirst decision.


Car pollution causing rapid die-off of coho salmon

Washington Post

A recent study traced a major die-off of the Pacific Northwest's iconic coho salmon to contaminants from roads and automobiles — brake dust, oil, fuel, chemical fluids — that hitch a ride on stormwater and flow into watersheds. The contaminants are so deadly, they kill the salmon within 24 hours.