Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016

Novel plan

Washington tries new approach to water management

Wikimedia Commons

Christian Science Monitor

With its old water habits threatening livelihoods and ways of life, Central Washington is undergoing a transformation — and in the process could point the way for an American West where long-standing water challenges are growing more urgent and fractious. In an innovative agreement, farmers have joined with environmental groups and state and federal officials to both increase water availability and restore the natural landscape.


Columbia River Treaty negotiations set to begin

Capital Press

The U.S. will soon begin negotiations with Canada over a new treaty governing the Columbia River. The U.S. State Department has finalized Circular 175, outlining and authorizing talks with Canada to modernize the Columbia River Treaty, which was signed in 1964. The recommendations balance ecosystem functions and community concerns, including hydropower generation and flood control.


Seattle turns to an old solution for stormwater

The gardens between South Lake Union's sidewalks and curbs look like a landscaper’s attempt to bring some greenery back into a gray, urban area. You could walk right past, hardly giving it a moment’s thought. But in fact, the project is the biggest piece of Seattle’s effort to cut back on one of the most pernicious clashes between the Emerald City and its natural surroundings: Stormwater runoff.

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