Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016

Waiting game

Alaska stands to win big if House passes WRDA

Wikimedia Commons

Alaska Dispatch News

Some of Alaska's remote communities, where the "honey bucket" stands in for flush toilets, could be in line for hundreds of millions of federal dollars to help solve their water woes. The U.S. Senate passed the latest reauthorization of the Water Resources Development Act last week. The House is set to consider its own version of the bill as early as this week. Despite decades of work, more than 3,300 rural Alaska homes lack running water or flushing toilets.


Oregon may reimburse schools for lead testing

East Oregonian

Oregon schools could be reimbursed for the cost of testing for lead in campus water, under a proposal lawmakers will consider Friday. The proposal sets up a fund administered by the Oregon Department of Education. The Legislative Fiscal Office has recommended that $5 million be set aside as a placeholder until officials gain a better sense of how much school districts will request for reimbursement.


Researchers: Treat wastewater as a resource

Journal of Commerce

Upgrading Canada's aging wastewater treatment infrastructure is tabulated at billions of dollars, but a University of Alberta research team's unconventional approach significantly cuts those costs by "treating the wastewater as a resource, rather than a waste." The idea is to recover water and produce energy and fertilizer nutrients from water and wastewater services at greenfield sites.

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