Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Shifting focus

Officials: Urban development key to Puget Sound health

The University of Washington Tacoma has spurred sustainable urban development including re-purposing of historic buildings, new housing, a museum and retail district, multi-use trails, and light rail transit.

UW Tacoma

Encyclopedia of Puget Sound

If you want to maintain water quality and restore salmon runs, then you should focus on the cities and urban landscapes of Puget Sound, officials say. This counterintuitive approach is a key element of a proposed state and federal plan to reduce the rate of new development taking over ecologically important areas. Each acre converted from natural landscape to housing and commercial development tends to degrade water quality.


Record water year boosts Idaho aquifer recharge

Capital Press

A bountiful water year boosted efforts by the Idaho Water Resource Board and local partners to return water to the Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer, far exceeding the goal of recharging 250,000 acre-feet a year. From late October until the end of April, nearly 300,000 acre-feet of water was returned to the aquifer through five projects in eastern Idaho and five projects in south-central Idaho.


Oregon brewer hops to it, builds treatment facility

The Bulletin

Bend, Oregon’s largest brewery, which produces three times more wastewater than beer, is creating its own onsite system to handle all of the extra liquid. Deschutes Brewery plans to invest $11.2 million in a wastewater-treatment facility at its headquarters, instead of sending some of the water to the city for treatment and the rest to nearby farmlands for irrigation.