Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Endangered river

Group lists Green-Duwamish system as imperiled


American Rivers

News Tribune

The Green River, which supplies much of Tacoma’s drinking water, has been named one of America’s most endangered rivers by American Rivers. The group designated the Green-Duwamish as endangered because it considers 2016 a critical point for the river. It cites key decision points in the near future: adding a fish passage to the Howard A. Hanson Dam and improving local communities’ floodplain and pollution management.


Weather shifts challenge reservoir operators

Associated Press

Wilder swings in weather patterns in the past decade are making it trickier to keep reservoirs filled for irrigation and power generation while also avoiding the risk of flooding homes downstream, some Pacific Northwest reservoir operators say. Conditions far outside the norm — such as early snowmelt due to warmth or rain instead of snow during winter — can skew water prediction calculations.


Bend marks completion of $70M water project


It's taken longer than expected, due to legal challenges, but Bend officials gathered Friday to celebrate the completion of a new $70 million system to treat Bend's Bridge Creek surface water and a replacement 10-mile pipeline. The dual-source filtration system will allow the city to use water out of Tumalo Creek, even in the event of a wildfire.

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