Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Not so fast

EPA delays release of Portland Harbor cleanup plan

Portland, The Swan Island Lagoon is central to the debate about the Environmental Protection Agency's assessment of risk from polychlorinated biphenyl contamination. The harbor businesses say the EPA's assessment is overblown. JAMIE FRANCIS

The Oregonian

The Oregonian

Days before the anticipated release of a proposed cleanup plan for the heavy metal and PCB-laden Portland Harbor, federal regulators abruptly pushed back the unveiling. The plan, originally set for release this week, won't come out until the first week of May. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency workers need more time to create the electronic portal where the plan and supporting documents will be published, a spokesman said.


New irrigation method catching on in West

Capital Press

A University of Idaho researcher anticipates an irrigation method he helped develop to save water in the arid West will see widespread use. Officials with the Idaho Falls office of USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service confirmed they’ve received a grant to help growers convert pivots to Low Elevation Spray Application, and they expect demand will far exceed available funding.


Study: Microbes act as the 'river's liver'

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

When water levels in rivers rise, an area known as the "river's liver" kicks into action, cleansing river water of pollutants and altering the flow of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Research by scientists at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory suggest that rising river waters deliver a feast of carbon to hungry microbes, triggering increased activity.

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