Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017

Monumental task

Water managers lay out Idaho’s biggest issues

Capital Press

While managing flood waters is the most immediate concern for water managers in Southern Idaho, the biggest issue by far is the health of the Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer. At the core of the problem is the state’s over-allocation of water rights, water managers told the Water in Idaho and the West conference. “The short of it is we have a real problem out there. We’re mining an aquifer we’re not able to replenish,” said Randy Brown, Southwest Irrigation District chairman.


Washington debates funding school lead tests

News Tribune

Washington’s state lawmakers are divided on whether public schools that regularly test their drinking water for lead should do it entirely on the state’s dime. Currently, public schools are not required to test their water for lead, and districts must foot the bill if they choose to do so. As a result, not all of them test for lead, leaving some parents in the dark on whether their child’s water contains the toxin.


Oregon gets most rain and snow since 2008

Statesman Journal

It’s not your imagination: Oregon has received a ton of rain and snow this winter. The deluge of precipitation is the most the Beaver State has seen since 2008, according to the Natural Resources Conservation Service. The upside, said water managers, is an improved forecast for river levels, reservoir storage and forest and wildlife health this summer.