Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017

'Widespread destruction'

Flooding triggers disaster declarations across Idaho

Flooding has taken a toll on much of Idaho, including in Washington County along the state’s border with Oregon. This photograph was taken from an Idaho National Guard helicopter flying over flood-ravaged Washington County on Friday afternoon.

Idaho National Guard

Idaho State Journal

More than a third of Idaho’s 44 counties have been declared disaster areas because of the winter storm that brought rain, snow and flooding to the state last week. The Idaho Office of Emergency Management said these counties are facing “widespread destruction” — mostly because of flooding but in some cases because of snow causing buildings to collapse. ► MORE COVERAGE IN HEADLINES


Portland schools develop plan for clean water

The Oregonian

Portland Public Schools has a plan to ensure all its schools have clean drinking and cooking water flowing from every fountain and cooking sink. But the safety upgrades will cost $28.5 million and take roughly three years to complete, David Hobbs, director of management at Portland Public Schools, told the school board.


Wildfire still strains Fort McMurray’s water supply

CBC News

The cost of providing clean drinking water to Fort McMurray has spiked after the 2016 wildfire and could rise even higher in 2017. The city's water treatment plant is spending more on food-grade chemicals to remove burnt forest-floor ash that's flushing into the municipality's drinking water supply.