Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2016

Water rule debate

Washington has a new round of proposed regulations


Department of Ecology

Seattle Times

Washington state's latest effort to create new standards governing water pollution has run into a buzzsaw of criticism. The new rules don’t do enough to dial back pollution levels and give polluters too many avenues to delay implementation, critics said. But the state Department of Ecology said the proposed rules strike the right balance between the state’s earlier proposed standards and a rule issued by the EPA last year after the state failed to meet deadlines to act.


Plan to remove Klamath dams bypasses Congress

San Francisco Chronicle

Federal and state officials in California and Oregon said that they had reached an agreement to bypass Congress to remove four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River to solve a chronic water dispute among farmers, fishermen and Indian tribes. The new plan is an agreement-in-principle among the two states, the Interior Department and PacifiCorp that will be made final by Feb. 29.


Washington DOE: Don’t make us name informants

Capital Press

Anonymous tipsters help the Washington Department of Ecology identify farmers and ranchers who are polluting water, a DOE official said last week, testifying against a bill that would force the department to reveal the names of whistle-blowers. Senate Bill 6551 would require DOE to name the accuser if the allegations led to the department finding violations of water-pollution laws.

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