Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016

Prediction: Rainy El Nino

Meteorologist expects deviation from typical pattern


Capital Press

Eastern Washington University meteorologist Robert Quinn, speaking at the Oregon Seed Growers League convention, said he believes that contrary to most El Nino weather patterns, the Northwest will see excessive rain this season. An El Nino system typically splits into two storm tracks with the northern track bringing drought-like conditions to the region. Quinn said that the northern half will see a deviation and deliver a warm, wet winter.


Drought uncovers remnants of sunken Ore. town

The historic drought that has persisted for upwards of four years now in the United States' west coast has had a major impact on everything from water supplies to agriculture to fisheries. But in one town in Oregon, the resulting historic low water levels have dredged up history: the remains of a town that was abandoned and sunk beneath a reservoir more than 60 years ago.


Wash. awards $3.4 million for water improvements

EP News Wire

The Washington Department of Ecology recently announced 12 grants totaling $3.4 million to improve local and regional water supplies in 13 counties. The grants will help fund projects undertaken by public utilities and conservation and irrigation districts, including water delivery infrastructure improvements, feasibility studies for water storage and water metering, among other projects.

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