Monday, Aug. 3, 2020

Heading to the Senate

House includes water in $1.3 trillion spending bills


The Hill &

The House on Friday, in a largely party-line 217-197 vote, approved a $1.3 trillion package of spending bills for the 2021 fiscal year that includes funding for water and energy. The package features $10 million for the Flint Registry, enough to keep the program for Flint water crisis victims running until the end of 2023. The legislation includes increased funding for renewable energy as well as $26 billion to upgrade infrastructure.


Study: Threat of rising seas may reach far inland

New York Times

A new study finds that much of the economic harm from sea-level rise this century is likely to come from an additional threat that will arrive even faster: As oceans rise, powerful coastal storms, crashing waves and extreme high tides will be able to reach farther inland, putting tens of millions more people and trillions of dollars in assets worldwide at risk of periodic flooding.


Tiny dryland plants help protect water supplies


Drylands, collectively, cover nearly half Earth's land surface. They are the world's largest biome, supporting almost 40 percent of the human population. But the effects of biocrusts on the water cycle are poorly understood. New research suggests these living crusts have a significant influence on the ability of drylands to hold water.