Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016

Everglades victory

Congress OKs project aimed at bringing water south

Over the weekend, Congress passed a long-awaited waterworks bill that authorized the $1.9 billion Central Everglades Planning Project, a key piece to speeding up restoration efforts. The bill now goes to the White House for final approval. JOE RIMKUS, JR.

Miami Herald

Miami Herald

Everglades restoration scored a major victory over the weekend when Congress approved a long-awaited waterworks bill. The $10 billion bill includes authorization for the Central Everglades Planning Project. The $1.9 billion project is intended to speed up work critical to reviving the flow of water to keep marshes healthy and fend off saltwater intrusion threatening South Florida’s water supplies. The bill now goes to the White House for final approval.


Texas water board releases 2017 state plan

Texas Tribune

The Texas Water Development Board has issued the 2017 State Water Plan, which predicts the demands on the state's water supply from now through 2017. It also specifies strategies to accommodate the state's predicted population growth. The 2017 plan concludes that Texas faces significant shortages over the next 50 years if steps are not taken to conserve and develop additional water supplies.


Nonprofit launches La. water challenge initiative

Houma Today

A meeting will be held today in Gray, La., on New Orleans nonprofit group Propeller's competitive initiative focused on solving southeast Louisiana's most pressing water issues. Water Challenge 2017 seeks solutions that can make a big difference in urban water, coastal environments and water-based industries. Contestants have a shot at $15,000 to launch their ideas.

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