Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014

'Moon shot'

La. has ambitious $50B plan to fight wetlands erosion



ProPublica / The Lens

Every hour, Louisiana loses more than a football field-sized chunk of land to the ocean. Or, to use more evocative words, it's like "a layer cake made of Jell-O, floating in a swirling Jacuzzi of steadily warming, rising water." To save its disintegrating coastline, Louisiana will need a "moon shot" plan and somehow come up with $50 billion.


Arkansas unveils strategic water plan

KUAR Little Rock

Between $3.4 billion and $7.8 billion should be invested in the infrastructure needed to help Arkansas take advantage of surface water instead of unsustainably pumping from depleting groundwater sources. The good news: The state has more than enough surface water to take care of its needs.


Texas aquifer project closes in on finish line

San Angelo Standard-Times

San Angelo, Texas, leaders purchased rights to the Hickory Aquifer more than four decades ago. Six years ago, they began tapping into it. This month, the eagerly awaited project — which can supplement the city’s water supply in a jam — will finally be mostly complete.

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