Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016

End in sight

Georgia-Florida water war trial could wrap up this week

Oystermen head out early from Eastpoint, Fla. for a day of fishing in the Apalachicola Bay. DAN CHAPMAN


Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The never-ending legal battle between Georgia and Florida over the waters of the Chattahoochee and Flint rivers is likely to reach a critical juncture this week. Georgia is expected to wrap up its case by Friday ending the U.S. Supreme Court-sanctioned trial. The nation’s highest court appointed a “special master” to try and resolve the 27-year-old legal dispute. If the trial ends this week, each side will likely submit final briefs within the next few weeks.


Study: Risk of sea level rise soars for New Orleans

The Lens

Just when you think the news about sea level rise couldn’t get much worse for New Orleans, it has. According to a study released this month, the city will experience one of the highest increases in sea level among 138 coastal cities around the planet because of its location on the northern Gulf of Mexico. New Orleans could see as much as 14.5 inches of sea level rise by 2040.


Proposed Florida reservoir gets a head start

Sun Sentinel

Florida taxpayer money is already flowing to a reservoir proposed to boost Broward and Palm Beach County drinking water supplies — even before officials decide whether to build it. The plan to turn old rock mines near Wellington into a reservoir is getting a $2.5 million head start from state money being used to improve canals and increase pumping capacity in anticipation of storing water there.

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