Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014

Thirst quencher

El Paso, Texas, to wean itself from river water

 El Paso Water Utilities drills additional wells near the El Paso International Airport to bolster the city's water supply. MARK LAMBIE

El Paso Times

El Paso Times

The pool of water on which El Paso, Texas, depends to meet peak demand has been perilously low for about a decade and the El Paso Water Utility is searching for ways to end the city's dependence on the river. Coming in 2018 is perhaps the most dramatic step yet. The utility will begin reusing the water that runs out of a wastewater treatment plant.


Water quality is a priority for Florida lawmakers


Southwest Florida lawmakers have been planning for months what they're likely to introduce in the next legislative session, which starts March 3. One priority the delegation of incumbents and newcomers to the Legislature believes unanimously will be a hot topic is water quality.


FIU students seek Miami-Dade flooding solutions

Miami Herald

Within the next century, most of Miami-Dade County is projected to be under water. Architecture students from Florida International University are studying possible changes to the county’s landscape if the sea level rises, as many experts predict.

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