Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014

Algae in focus

Harmful blooms subject of intense research in Florida

Bioluminescent algae on Florida’s East Coast are part of increasing numbers of algae blooms in the U.S. — some of which are toxic, with possible impacts including tainted drinking water and poisoned shellfish beds.

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Washington Post

In Florida, where most of the state’s residents live in coastal counties, a sudden change in the water is more than a curiosity. Algae blooms, with their potential for damaging local economies, are the subject of intense research here, as scientists and environmental officials seek to pinpoint their cause while improving early detection systems.


San Antonio pipeline project vote expected today

San Antonio Express-News

San Antonio officials and business leaders gathered Tuesday to endorse a proposed 142-mile water pipeline, framing the project as necessary to support the region's growth. The City Council will vote today on whether to approve the $3.4 billion project.


Texas A&M leads the way in study of gray water

The second phase of a study on the use of gray water for landscape irrigation will soon be under way and its results may affect how municipalities view gray water as an alternative nonpotable water source statewide and beyond, the Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientist leading the study says.

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