Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015

Leading the way

Texas cities recycle wastewater into drinking water

The Roberto Bustamante Wastewater Treatment Plant cleans up used domestic water from the rapidly growing east side of El Paso, Texas.  MÓNICA ORTIZ URIBE



The search for new water sources is never-ending for growing cities in the desert Southwest. Traditional sources like rivers and underground aquifers are proving insufficient, so cities are turning to options that were once unthinkable — like purified wastewater. A handful of cities in Texas are leading the way. In El Paso, a proposed recycled wastewater project could provide a 10 million gallon boost, about 6 percent of the city's peak daily demand.


Florida needs $16.5B for water infrastructure

Associated Press

With a burgeoning population and aging water systems, Florida will need $16.5 billion in funding over the next 20 years just to maintain its existing drinking water infrastructure, according to estimates from the EPA. But the data show Florida has been successful where others have failed with federal funding, spending most of the nearly $615 million it has received on improving water infrastructure.


Decision time nears for La. river diversion plans

The Advocate

After years of study, Louisiana’s coastal protection authority plans to present recommendations next month about where Mississippi River sediment diversions should be created to build up coastal marsh land that has been slipping away. Studies and computer models are going to help form the basis of the final decision that will pick among the 10 diversions included in the state's 2012 master plan.

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