Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017

Eye of the storms

Hurricanes renew debate over climate change

A man wades through flooded streets in Jacksonville, Florida, in Hurricane Irma's afternmath. (Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)

Getty Images/Vox

McClatchy DC Bureau, Washington Post & ABC News

Hurricanes Harvey and now Irma became monster storms while swirling over two separate stretches of unusually warm ocean water, a feature that has reignited debate on climate change and the degree that it is adding to the intensity of hurricanes. Scientists all agree that global warming is not the cause of hurricanes, a fact made obvious by the long history of tropical cyclones, but there is consensus that a warming planet will produce bigger and more destructive hurricanes.


EPA grants pollution waiver to Florida utilities & TCPalm

Environmental regulators issued a blanket waiver Monday for Florida electricity companies to violate clean air and water standards without penalty for the next two weeks. The waiver said the move will provide Florida utility generators needed flexibility to maintain and restore electricity supplies in the wake of Hurricane Irma, with millions of residents without power across the state. The state's nuclear facilities, on the other hand, weathered Irma without sustaining damage.