Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Big 5

Projects that top Louisiana's coastal restoration plan

South Terrebonne Marsh Creation is Louisiana's most expensive restoration project and would take 18 years to complete. (Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority)


Times-Picayune & WBUR Boston

Rebuilding a coastline that’s rapidly sinking under the sea won’t be cheap. Louisiana's 50-year coastal master plan devotes half its budget, about $25 billion, to projects that restore the coast's marshes, swamps and sandy beaches. The other half will be divided between new protective structures, including floodwalls and levees, and several programs aimed at relocating communities, elevating homes and other efforts that get people out of harm’s way.


Lake Okeechobee gets $50 million for dike repairs

Politico & Sun Sentinel

After rejecting Gov. Rick Scott's request for $200 million for Lake Okeechobee dike repairs during its 2017 regular session, the Florida Legislature concluded a special session Friday by approving $50 million for the federal project. Scott had said that spending state money would help speed up dike repairs and allow Lake Okeechobee to hold more water, reducing the need for discharges that threaten coastal beaches and tourism.


Drinking water threat on the U.S.-Mexico border


Global warming looms large in the Southwest as rising temperatures threaten to diminish already scarce water supplies. A 2014 U.N. report suggests that globally, the burden of climate change will impact the poor the most. Some of the most marginalized communities in the United States are found along the U.S.-Mexico border.