Thursday, March 23, 2017

Battle continues

U.S. Supreme Court extends costly Fla.-Ga. 'water war'

Wikimedia Commons

News Service of Florida

Florida's "water war" with Georgia is not over. The U.S. Supreme Court said Monday that more legal briefs will be filed in the case, including allowing Florida to contest a special master's report that recommended a ruling in Georgia's favor. The decision could offer legal hope for Florida officials, who were dismayed by the special master's finding last month that Florida should be denied relief in its claim that Georgia was damaging Apalachicola Bay.


Trump’s budget spells end for some Texas projects

Austin American-Statesman

A range of environmental programs in Texas appear to be in jeopardy under President Trump’s budget proposal which “eliminates or substantially reduces federal investment in state environmental activities.” The biggest chunk of grant-making from the EPA to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is $21.2 million, to help Texas address its environmental priorities.


Study: Big river diversions may imperil La. seafood

Daily Comet

Large-scale Mississippi River diversions may help restore Louisiana's vanishing coastal wetlands at the expense of some of the nation's most valuable seafood, new research shows. "The large-scale diversions will likely cause shifts in salinity, which have huge implications for the plants and animals that need a specific salinity," Hongqing Wang, U.S. Geological Survey researcher, said.