Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018

Smaller package

17,000-acre reservoir picked to cut Lake O discharges

SFWMD has informed the public of progress on the Everglades Agricultural Area Storage Reservoir through an innovative web page that features an interactive map and milestone tracker.


TCPalm, SFWMD & Sunshine State News

After considering five options for a reservoir to cut harmful Lake Okeechobee discharges, the South Florida Water Management District will proceed with the smaller of the two "best buys," staff told the board last week in Orlando. The board did not vote on the recommendation. Staff will seek board approval next month, just before the district is scheduled to submit a final report to the Army Corps of Engineers.


Saving the Everglades comes down to 2 things

Miami's Community Newspapers

People are willing to pay up to $18 annually for the next 10 years to avoid restrictions on how and when they can use water, according to a new Florida International University study. They are willing to part with even more cash — up to $22 — to protect the endangered plants and animals that call the Everglades home.


Push to fix Houston's chronic flooding grows

Houston Chronicle & ProPublica

Local and state leaders are moving toward a major, lengthy and costly overhaul of the Houston region's flood defenses that includes regulating development, massive buyouts of flood-prone properties and flood-prevention projects. Few of the initiatives will be complete before hurricane season starts in June, but nearly six months after Hurricane Harvey, leaders are seeking to address long-ignored shortcomings exposed by the severe rainstorm.