Thursday, Feb. 12, 2015

Focus on recycling

Florida's water worries prompts serious look at reuse

Cape Coral, Fla., has a reverse osmosis facility on Kismet Parkway.  SARAH COWARD



Indirect or direct potable water reuse is becoming more of a reality in Florida as providers scramble to find enough water to meet current and future demand. But public perception and the unknown are two major hurdles. The South Florida Water Management District has encouraged local utilities and municipalities to explore alternative water sources for future needs.


Texas courts skirt underground trespassing issue

Texas Tribune

If industrial wastewater pollutes your groundwater in Texas, can you sue for trespassing? Energy and water interests have been waiting for an answer to that question amid a tug of war over brackish groundwater aquifers. The Texas Supreme Court on Friday offered no clarity in its ruling on a closely-watched case.


Poll: Texans' knowledge of water is lacking

Gilmer Mirror

A new statewide poll shows only 28 percent of Texans indicate they “definitely know” the natural source of their drinking water. This result is troubling — especially after a period of record drought — because research shows a direct correlation between knowing where one’s water comes from and one’s willingness to conserve.

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