Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017

Clearing the hurdle

Everglades plan passes first test but opposition grows

Tampa Bay Times

Florida Senate President Joe Negron's proposed Everglades storage reservoir unanimously passed its first committee stop, but senators raised concerns and proposed an alternative to buying more land. Negron has proposed building a 60,000-acre reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee to divert harmful discharges from the lake to coastal estuaries. But he faces opposition from farm landowners there — and some senators are questioning his proposal.


Texas Railroad Commission asks state for $45M

Associated Press

The Texas Railroad Commission is requesting nearly $45 million from the Legislature to hire more inspectors, upgrade its technology and reduce its inspections backlog. About 1,400 violations were issued based on inspections last year. A majority of the violations involved the failure to sufficiently plug inactive wells and protect water sources from toxic chemicals.


Louisiana coastal protection plan advances

Manship School News Service

An advisory panel to Louisiana's governor recommended that the Legislature approve the latest draft of the state's master plan aimed at protecting coastal communities from inundation by the Gulf of Mexico. The Governor's Advisory Commission on Coastal Protection's unanimous vote was one of several steps remaining before the plan goes to the Legislature this spring.