Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015

$5B for the Everglades

Florida will fully fund its portion of restoration projects


Wikimedia Commons


After years of underfunding (some years with none), Florida's land conservation arm seems poised to get the Everglades restoration on track. Gov. Rick Scott announced that the state will commit $5 billion over 20 years to fully fund the state's portion of Everglades projects like the Caloosahatchee River reservoir, a massive compound designed to store 55 billion gallons of stormwater runoff.


Texas drought diminishes, water loss persists

El Paso Times

Most of Texas has emerged from a drought that started in early 2011, but the amounts of water stored in the ground are still greatly below normal, scientists at the University of Texas at Austin said last week. The analysis of satellite data indicated that the state lost 84 million acre-feet of water during the peak of the drought.


Institute report sets goals for Baton Rouge water

The Advocate

A new report lists the goals to manage water in the Baton Rouge area, from recognizing the region's vast resources to promoting water-related businesses. The objectives are outlined in a document called “Into the Blue 2050” produced by The Water Institute of the Gulf and the Environment & Health Council of Louisiana.

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