Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015

Water on the agenda

Resource will be a top priority for Texas, Fla. lawmakers

Circle of Blue

Water promises to be a major policy concern in 2015 around the nation and in the Gulf Coast region. In Texas, the Water Development Board will begin to distribute funds from a $2 billion pot of money that voters approved in 2013. And in Florida, the Legislature will spend a pile of cash designated for land and water conservation.


Dead zone could be shrunk, but at a high price

New Orleans Advocate

At an eye-popping price tag of $2.7 billion every year, a new report says the country could meet the national goal of reducing the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. The National Academy of Sciences identified areas where the most benefit could be achieved through targeted investment in agriculture conservation practices.


Florida flood-control costs rising amid budget cuts

Sun Sentinel

There's a growing tab for living in what used to be the Everglades, and that increased bill could soon come due for South Florida taxpayers. The 60-year-old system that guards against flooding needs more upkeep and repair to continue to protect residents.

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