Thursday, Jan. 7, 2016

Coming out party

Brackish groundwater will be in the spotlight this year

San Antonio’s brackish water desalination plant, being built in stages, will be the world’s largest inland desalination facility when it is completed in 2022. The first phase will begin delivering drinking water to Texas’s second largest city in October 2016.


Circle of Blue

In recent years water managers have been forced to reckon with water scarcity and to diversify their water supply portfolios. Brackish groundwater is their latest target. A slew of technical investigations will be published this year, including the first national brackish groundwater assessment in a half century. Then, in October, San Antonio will open the first phase of what will eventually be the world’s largest inland desalination facility.


New water policy on tap for Florida lawmakers

News Service of Florida

Shortly after the 2016 Florida legislative session goes through its opening rituals, the House and Senate will take up a statewide water policy proposal more than two years in the making. The proposal (SB 552 and HB 7005), which sped through legislative committees, has attracted last-minute opposition from environmental groups that contend it wouldn’t go far enough to ensure clean waterways.


Alabama-Georgia water war flares up in Congress

Montgomery Advertiser

Interstate tensions flared in the final hours of the congressional session when Georgia’s delegation killed legislation they said would have given Alabama an unfair advantage in a water rights battle. Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby responded by announcing that the subcommittee he chairs will investigate withdrawals of water from reservoirs located upstream from Alabama and Florida.

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