Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014

Signs of change

Longer Lake Michigan basin growing season predicted



Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A new USGS study on the effects of climate change says longer growing seasons in the Lake Michigan basin and earlier snowmelt are two likely outcomes of a warmer climate by the end of the century. But while higher temperatures will spur faster evaporation of water from the lakes' surface, scientists are still unsure how it will affect overall levels.


Pollution takes a slimy toll on Great Lakes

Yahoo! News Canada

The legacy of decades of industrial pollution affecting the Great Lakes now appears to have taken the form of slimy crustaceans choking the life out of aquatic ecosystems. Scientists say this will not only affect critical fish species but may also damage vital filtration systems that are used to provide drinking water to urban centers.


Study: Mining damage extends far downstream


Scientists at Michigan State University have taken a first broad look at the impacts of mines across the country and found that mining can damage fish habitats miles downstream, and even in streams not directly connected to the mines.

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