Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014

Ohio takes on algae

House passes bill limiting manure, fertilizer on farms

A Lake Erie algae bloom in September 2009. This photo was taken on the southeast shore of Pelee Island, Ontario. TOM ARCHER

University of Michigan

Toledo Blade

The Ohio House overwhelmingly approved new restrictions on the application of manure and other fertilizers on farmland to reduce algae blooms on Lake Erie. The bill, which marks lawmakers’ first action since Toledo’s drinking water crisis in August, now heads to the Senate.


Study looks at coal ash, water in Wisconsin

Milwaukee Public Radio

A new report explores the correlation of coal ash and water contamination in Wisconsin. A year of reviewing state records in a four-county area and taking water samples revealed that homes nearer coal ash sites had higher levels of molybdenum.


Startup makes it pay to save water


Would you try to save water if someone paid you to conserve? Last week, a Wisconsin startup started paying out cash rebates to people who curb their water consumption. It’s not a lot, but the initiative marks a new approach to conservation.

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