Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017

Not so fast

Judge slows state’s effort to revive Flint water deal

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver speaks to a crowd before President Bill Clinton to speak to supporters during the Michigan Democratic Party Flint Stronger Together Rally at the Northbank Center in downtown Flint on Monday October 3, 2016. RYAN GARZA

Detroit Free Press

Detroit News

A federal judge is rejecting a four-day deadline the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality requested in an emergency motion, deciding instead to rule by mid-November whether to give Flint’s mayor the power to approve a new 30-year water lease. The decision means Karen Weaver, the Flint mayor who supports the long-term agreement with the Great Lakes Water Authority, may no longer be in office because there is a recall election today.


Milwaukee strikes water deal with Waukesha

Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee beat out Oak Creek in the competition to sell Lake Michigan water to the City of Waukesha and will receive more than $3 million a year in revenue to start with as the prize. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly described the historic water deal as regional cooperation that will benefit both cities on opposite sides of the subcontinental divide.


Lake Erie algal bloom was as large as predicted


Federal forecasters won't deliver their final report for a few weeks, but indications are that this summer's algal bloom met their predictions for one of the worst on record. The bulk of the bloom was concentrated in the Western basin of Lake Erie, which benefited the summer tourism in and around the Lake Erie islands. Last year's bloom, in contrast, was the second-smallest in size since 2007.