Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016

EPA in the spotlight

Report: Agency was too slow to act in Flint water crisis


Washington Post

The inspector general for the Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday that the agency should have issued an emergency order to protect residents of Flint, Mich., from lead-tainted water seven months before it actually did. The watchdog found that the EPA had “the authority and sufficient information” to force state officials to fix the city’s escalating water problems in June 2015. But the EPA did not issue its emergency order until Jan. 21.


Experts push for restoration funding after election

Great Lakes Echo

November’s presidential election is a harbinger of big change for federal programs like the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, a program that addresses a multitude of Great Lakes problems. An expert panel recently convened to discuss the future of the program. The day-long conversation resulted in 12 conclusions to inform policy under a new presidential administration and Congress.


Minnesota DNR expands groundwater protection

West Central Tribune

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources last week designated the state's second groundwater management area. The designation of the central Minnesota Bonanza Valley Groundwater Management Area allows a more comprehensive and focused approach to ensuring that groundwater supplies will be adequate to meet human needs while protecting lakes, streams and wetlands.

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