Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017

Call to action

Commission unveils plan for regional water upgrades

Wikimedia Commons

Great Lakes Commission

The Great Lakes Commission endorsed a joint action plan to address the region's growing water infrastructure crisis. The plan outlines actions to address needed upgrades and repairs to water-related infrastructure over the next 20 years — everything from wastewater treatment plants to stormwater pipes and drinking-water filtration systems. This backlog is conservatively estimated to cost $271 billion, and many experts believe that figure is a significant underestimate.


Study: Lead in Flint water increased fetal deaths

Detroit Free Press

The city of Flint saw fewer pregnancies, and a higher number of fetal deaths, during the period women and their fetuses were exposed to high levels of lead in their water, according to a new research study that reviewed health records from Flint and the state. Fertility rates decreased by 12% among Flint women, and fetal death rates increased by 58%, after April 2014, according to research.


States seek deal on stalled flood diversion project

Associated Press

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum says he and Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton have agreed to see if technical changes can be made to restart a $2.2 billion flood diversion project around the Fargo-Moorhead area. A federal judge from Minnesota halted all construction because the project does not have the necessary permits from Minnesota.