Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016

Big step forward

Senate clears Flint aid package, House action in doubt

Wikimedia Commons

Washington Post

The embattled residents of Flint, who have endured lead-tainted water flowing from their taps for more than two years, would be eligible for $100 million in federal funds to replace corroded pipes under a bill that passed the Senate. But the Senate deal still must pass muster with the House, which is drafting a water bill of its own — one that spends less money overall and carries uncertain prospects for passage before the current Congress ends in December.


Plastics widespread in Great Lakes tributaries

Michigan Radio

Tiny particles of plastic are prevalent in rivers that flow into the Great Lakes, according to a new study by scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey and the State University of New York at Fredonia. The study found microplastics in every sample taken from 29 Great Lakes tributaries in six states. These tributaries account for more than 20% of the total river water running into the lakes.


Study: Protecting Lake Erie's streams a challenge

The Ohio State University

While current efforts to curtail agricultural runoff will improve the health of Lake Erie, much more work will be needed to protect the streams that feed the lake, new research shows. A study of the western Lake Erie watershed found that increased conservation efforts will be needed on most of the farms in the watershed in order to protect arterial streams in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.

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