Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017

Decision time

State asks judge for quick action on Flint water choice

City of Flint

Detroit News

Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality is asking a federal court to quickly decide whether it will force Flint to adopt a long-term contract with the Great Lakes Water Authority to supply drinking water to city residents. The state alleges that the Flint City Council ’s inaction will endanger residents and lead to huge cost increases. The council denies the state’s allegations of any wrongdoing and says it needs more time to examine the best deal.


Minnesota lakes hold their own against pollution

Star Tribune

Despite decades of urban sprawl, expanding cornfields and rising temperatures, a lot of lakes in Minnesota appear to be holding their own against nutrient pollutants. A few dozen lakes in the metro area have less algae today than they did in 1990. The trends emerge from a University of Wisconsin analysis of 3,000 lakes across 17 Midwest and Eastern states, including 742 in Minnesota.


'Coffee-ring effect' can analyze tap water


Scientists say the unique pattern of an evaporating droplet — known as the "coffee-ring effect" — can be used to answer the question, "What's in your water?" "The residue patterns for tap water are like fingerprints that can be used to identify what's in a sample," says Michigan State University's Rebecca Lahr. Someday, the public could use the method to test their own tap water.