Tuesday, July 14, 2015

'Severe' algae forecast

Lake Erie blooms could be second worst on record


Detroit News

Detroit News

Researchers predict a “severe” season for the harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie’s troublesome western basin — worse than the blooms last summer that led a two-day shutdown of water to more than 400,000 people. This summer, experts forecast a large crop of cyanobacteria in Lake Erie, where water from the region is drawn. But it doesn’t mean public health will be imperiled by toxic algae getting pushed into the drinking water system, they said Thursday.


Committee outlines plan to deal with Asian carp

Toledo Blade

A committee formed six years ago to unite the Great Lakes region with a comprehensive plan to fend off destructive Asian carp has outlined $60 million in projects in a new report. The 206-page control strategy keeps the committee’s focus on fending off Asian carp from the series of Chicago-area waterways that link the carp-infested Mississippi River watershed to Lake Michigan.


Ohio reservoir rules raise water quality concerns

Northeast Ohio Media Group

Akron, Ohio, officials are upset about language in the new state budget giving property owners along drinking-water reservoirs access to city-owned land around the water. The new law, which takes effect this fall, permits Ohioans who own property adjacent to reservoir land to cut down foliage on public land and build paths down to the water.

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