Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Focus on safe water

Michigan officials unveil new 30-year strategy for state

Gov. Rick Snyder discusses the state’s 30-year strategy rolled out Friday for Michigan’s stewardship of the Great Lakes and inland waters. JIM LYNCH

Detroit News

Detroit News

Providing all residents safe drinking water topped a 30-year strategy rolled out by Gov. Rick Snyder and state officials for Michigan’s stewardship of the Great Lakes and inland waters. Drinking water, due to events in Flint over the past two years, has become a hot topic and trouble spot for his administration. “There’s a framework here for long-term success,” Snyder said.


Ohio governor signs bill protecting drinking water

WFMJ Youngstown

Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed House Bill 512 into the law on Thursday at South Side Middle School in Columbiana. The new legislation is aimed at protecting Ohio from lead in drinking water by speeding up the time in which residents must be notified of lead contamination.


Rain after drought linked to historic nitrate levels


Drought periods followed by rainfall caused nitrate levels to increase to the highest ever measured in some Midwest streams during a 2013 study, according to a USGS report. The USGS and the Environmental Protection Agency collaborated in 2013 to sample 100 small streams across parts of 11 states in the Midwest.

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