Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Progress report

Experts: Lead levels in Flint’s water continues to drop

Water expert Marc Edwards has accused the Water Defense group of causing undue alarm. DALE G. YOUNG

Detroit News

Detroit News

The continued application of corrosion controls, in conjunction with a program of increased water use throughout the city, has paid dividends in Flint. Lead levels in the city’s water continue to drop as evidenced by new rounds of sampling. In a familiar message, experts delivered a positive progress report and offered evidence the city’s water is moving closer to being healthy enough for all uses. But that goal likely remains many months away, they said.


Court backs land owners over wetlands permits

Reuters & Vox.com

The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a setback to federal authorities on environmental law by ruling in a Minnesota case that property owners can challenge the government over the need for costly permits. The court ruled that that federal determinations of protected waters are subject to judicial review, potentially weakening the government's powers under the Clean Water Act.


Great Lakes pollutants targeted by U.S., Canada

Great Lakes Echo

Canada and the U.S. announced they’ll develop and coordinate strategies to reduce exposure to eight contaminants they’ve designated as Chemicals of Mutual Concern in the Great Lakes. The designation, made under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, also requires the countries to develop where needed the water quality standards for the pollutants.

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