Tuesday, May 12, 2015

EPA takes on algae

New rules to protect people from drinking water toxins


Detroit News

With harmful algal blooms an increasing problem, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued a new set of health advisory rules to help communities protect residents from drinking water toxins. It's a move officials hope benefit communities, such as those in Michigan and Ohio, that were forced to go without water for two days last summer due to algae in Lake Erie.


Nitrates a 'growing threat' to Minnesota's water

Star Tribune

Farm-related nitrate pollution represents a “growing chemical threat to Minnesota’s drinking water,” according to a new Health Department report that could spark action on clean-water legislation in the final days of the 2015 Legislature. Community water supplies, overall, are safe and closely monitored, according to the report.


OSU researchers develop mesh that captures oil

Columbus Dispatch

Ohio State University researchers believe they have devised a way to clean up oil spills using a fine mesh coated with nanoparticles. The revelation was inspired by, among other things, butterfly wings, shark skin and lotus leaves. Butterfly wings and lotus leaves repel water. Sharkskin can repel bacteria.

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