Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Funding survives

New federal budget includes $300M for Great Lakes

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The Blade

Area activists, water-quality experts, and public officials were thrilled to learn the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative not only remained intact, but will continue to be funded at its current level of $300 million under the new federal spending plan. President Trump wanted to eliminate the program, often referred to as the GLRI. His administration initially offered $10 million in funding, before coming back and saying it advocated no funding at all and an end to the program.


8 in a row: Flint water tests below federal limit


Michigan says the most recent testing for lead in Flint drinking water shows the city is below the federal threshold for the eighth-straight month. Testing of what the state Department of Environmental Quality calls extended sentinel sites in April showed that 90 percent of samples from homes at high risk of elevated lead levels registered at or below 6 parts per billion.


Minnesota considers future of wastewater reuse

Star Tribune

State and regional officials in Minnesota are looking for ways to squeeze more out of the water that spins down drains, following the lead of drought-ridden states that have pioneered the reuse of wastewater. It could have another life cooling industrial plants, irrigating crops, watering golf courses, flushing toilets or, perhaps one day, replenishing the drinking water supply.